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Public Works

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Public Works
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Public WorksJames Webster has produced a large number of works which are on public display for us all to enjoy. These fantastic pieces are scattered throughout New Zealand, some standing out against the landscape - others blending nonchalantly into their surroundings...

Auckland MotorwayAuckland's motorways are adorned with the welcome and familiarity of specifically Pacific designs. James designed these huge concrete panels which neatly interlink to form a spectacular belt in the modern calamity of New Zealand's largest city.

Recently James completed a piece for Aberdeen School in Hamilton, the inspiration for this composition was inspired by the school’s logo.  The artwork’s triangular appearance derives from the logo shape. View this artwork now.

If you have a project in mind, would like to discuss ideas for erecting or creating a public artwork or would like to consult with James regarding Māori art specifically, please use the contact page.

aberdeen_01 aberdeen_01
aberdeen_02 aberdeen_02
aberdeen_03 aberdeen_03
auckland_motorway_01 auckland_motorway_01
auckland_motorway_02 auckland_motorway_02
auckland_motorway_03 auckland_motorway_03
dinsdale_library_01 dinsdale_library_01
dinsdale_library_02 dinsdale_library_02
dinsdale_library_03 dinsdale_library_03
dinsdale_library_04 dinsdale_library_04



Check out our selected videos that we've uploaded to YouTube. We have digitised a whole bunch of old VHS and uploaded them to share with the online community. We hope you enjoy them! www.youtube.com/TahaaNZ