Ta Moko studio and Maori Arts Gallery

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'Book in' to consult with James regarding your requirements for anything to do with the Māori Arts be it 'tāmoko', 'whakairo rākau' or even if you require assistance with the development of large scale public works.

taonga puoro

 James' home studio features a range of works including taonga pūoro, whakairo rākau and is fully set up for performing tāmoko artwork. Whether you are looking to have a small piece or a large scale work, Tahaa is well suited to help. Use the contact page on this website or call 027 4256639.





Check out our selected videos that we've uploaded to YouTube. We have digitised a whole bunch of old VHS and uploaded them to share with the online community. We hope you enjoy them! www.youtube.com/TahaaNZ