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Taonga Pūoro Collection Case

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Taonga Pūoro Collection Case
Taonga Puoro Collection for sale

Collection Includes:

Packed in a robust water resistent stormcase, Efta foam and Tyvek Clothe

Price $8.500+GST: Enquire Now

Taonga Puoro Collection
Similar cases of Taonga Puoro can be commissioned at a similar price + freight.
For the purchasing of individual instruments please get in touch with the Tahaa team.

'Kei a te Pō te timatanga o te waiatatanga mai a te Atua. Ko te Ao, ko te Ao-marama, ko te Ao-tūroa.'

'It was in the night that the Gods sang the world into existence.'
Matiaha Tiramorehu 1849

One the the greatest passions of the last 20 years of 'James' artistic career has been the making and playing of Taonga Pūoro (Māori musical instruments). Taonga Pūoro, like Te Reo Māori, reflects the natural sounds and rythms of nature and the environment. The instruments have whakapapa (genealogies) and pūrakau (origin stories) pertaining to the many families of instruments and the individual varieties of instruments associated with Taonga Pūoro.

Historically, and in varying degrees in modern times, Taonga Pūoro was used in the arts of healing and cultural ceremony. Due to historical events there was a decline in the use and cultural practice of the instrument traditions within Maori culture and with the knowledge base connected to it. There has been a revival of this craft over the last 30 years, led by the late Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns, Brian Flintoff and Ranginui Keefe to name a few. A group named Haumanu has grown from these initiatives. The group (of which James is a part) is deidcated to the revival, teaching, and sharing of these taonga (treasures).

This seven series documentary examines the whanau (family) groupings that make up the sounds of Taonga Pūoro. Told from the perspective of selected experts throughout the motu, we take the audience on a practical rhythmic journey with knowledgeable people into the ancient sounds and instruments of Taonga Pūoro. With this series we endeavour to take Taonga Pūoro out of the glass museum cases and into the lives and homes of our audience. This series will enhance and support the revival through a bautifully shot, sound designed informative programe.

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