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The kaitiaki/guardian of the hue is Hine-pū-te-hue.

Hine-pū-te-hue is known as the atua/goddess of peace. It is said that in the creation story, after Ranginui and Papatuanuku were separated and there was anger and fighting amongst the gods, Hine-pū-te-hue intervened and bought peace. Hence all musical instruments made from hue are like their kaitiaki and sing songs that are peaceful.

Traditionally most hue were used for storing food. Some were used for the special task of storing karakia/prayers, which could be released quickly from the hue in times of need.

There are many different instruments made from the hue:-

Hue Puruhau

Hue PuruhauThese are large hue with the seeds removed.  The neck is cut off and the sound comes from blowing over the top to create a vibrant bass sound.


Hue Rarā

Hue RaraWith the seeds inside the hue, this is a shaker or rattle.



Ororuarangi ToroaThese are long flutes made from the neck of the hue, with two small wenewene. This instrument has the ability to jump between two sound pitches, hence its name Oro= sound  rua rangi= two tunes.


Hue Puruwai

These are also shakers made from larger hue, with their seed still intact.  When played, the puruwai sounds like a bubbling stream.


Ponga Ihu

Hue PongaihuThis is a hue with its neck removed and is played with the nostrils to create a magical, enchanting sound.


Poi Awhiowhio

Hue PoiawhiowhioThis is a whistling gourd.  They are swung on a cord (similar to the playing of the purerehua) and create a gentle, soft whistling sound.


This is also available as part of Collection Case along with a number of other Taonga Puoro.