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The porotiti is a humming disc, made of different shapes with a cord looped through two holes in the centre.

When the porotiti is played (by twirling the cord until it spins) it creates a humming sound.  It can be made from a variety of materials:- wood, bone, stone and even cardboard.

The porotiti has another name:- the kororohu.

The porotiti, like the purerehua belongs to the wind family of instruments.  

The kaitiaki (guardian) of the porotiti is Tawhirimatea, God of the Winds.

The porotiti was and can still be used as a form of rongoa (medicine).  
Playing the porotiti can ease arthritis.  It can also be used to help children with colds and congested chests.  When played over their faces and chests while they were asleep it would help clear mucus from their sinuses.

The porotiti was often used as a toy by children and adults alike.

The porotiti creates quiet, soft sounds and can also be worn as pendants.



This is also available as part of Collection Case along with a number of other Taonga Puoro.